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    drilling analysis

    Tal Rabinovitch


      we made this part and now we want to know if it is possible to make a drilling analysis that show it drills in to a wall? can we do animation that demonstrate it in solidworks? if we can - how?

      please be specific in the answer...DIBBLE.PNG

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          Dave Bear

          Hi Tal,

          I really hate to burst your bubble but I'm pretty sure your sample will either just completely twist and bend at it's thinnest diameter, OR, just simply snap either underneath the screw head or just above the drill bit. Sorry, but that's just basic reality, you don't need any analysis to see that coming!



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            Deepak Gupta

            I'm not sure on analysis if this can be done or not but your drill would definitely fail. The shank looks thin to support the reaction forces occurring during drilling process. Also not sure if you would be using a special drill machine to hold this.