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    How to remove auto tolerance from thread

    Karl-Hendrik Lõhmus

      Hello everybody,


      I have Solidworks 2017 and i'm using autotolerance so that every dimension has tolerance ±0,5. But if I put dimension to thread its shows M6 ±0,5, and I CANNOT delete tolerance. It was possible to delete it in 2016, but not in 2017. How can I delete it?


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          Ave Ave


          I have the same problem with this hmm.. program 2016

          Sometimes its possible to open dimension option window for thread dimension and remove tolerance there (small window shown right up from mouse pointer)

          But very often this window doesn't work for thread dim.

          The only way what i found to get rid of tolerance -

          create any linear dimension

          switch of tolerance for this dim

          create style based on this dimension

          apply this style to thread dimension

          its madness but its SW!