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How to check for collison among parts?

Question asked by Peter Cohen on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by Casey Bergman

Hello, is there a way to check if some parts are touching each other in the real world by checking the models in SolidWorks? For example, I have a box made of two parts.  Both parts are in the shape of a star. I want to design the lower part so that the upper one can cover it like a box but the gap is not too large. Another example is a long screw that combines several layers of boards. The boards are separated. In SW, I can line them up and then mate so that the screw and the hole in the top layer are concentrically mated. Then, do another mate so that the bottom of the screw cap touches the surface of the top layer of board. In SW, it looks like the screw goes through all layers of boards. Is there a function to test that if there is any collision between the screw and each layer of boards?