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Project was deleted , but no way to recover the project data ?

Question asked by Li Feng on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by Li Feng

HI Friends,


We found that the SW Electrical role : Prj Mgr or higher, they could delete any projects on SW Electrical software UI, with the button "delete project", whatever if the project belongs to him or not.  And the worse point is , after that way of deleting projects, there is no record for who and when delete the projects, and no any other way to recover the deleted projects.


pls check my video and screen capture.



Project deleted.jpg


1st, the permission and role setting of SW electrical is not good enough, needed to be enhanced, but it is not a easy job and take time to finish.[long term], need to think about the permission setting base on current function.


2nd, we wonder is there any way to recover back the whole electrical project ? as we know , the project data is still in the folder, just don't know how the make back the SW electrical project list.  anyone knows how to make it ? is there any tips and trick on handling the SW Electrical SQL server things ? pls help to advise.