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How can my colleagues and customers with 32 bit computers review easm drawings in 2017?

Question asked by Richard Sidell on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by Michael Dekoning

I am sorry to ask the same question twice, but I cannot find any "reply" button when I look at suggestions.

I received several replies suggesting using 2D or 3d pdf files and/or DraftSight.


I have tried DraftSight and it will not open an EASM file.  I don't think it has the tools that are a traditional part of the EDrawings Reader to allow exploring the drawing (rotate, hide, make transparent, etc).  I  have not yet tried the 3D or 2D pdf solutions, but expect they will suffer the same limitation.


My need (my question) is to find a way to have the traditional EReader capabilities in a free program that runs on 32 bit WIndows computers.


If this is not possible any longer with SolidWorks, is there an alternative 3D drafting program that does support a 32 bit reader?