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    Visualize for Interior and Exterior Rendering?

    Nur Kholish Majid

      We are working at a Booth Company every time the design is different depend on customer requirement and their brand. I want to use Visualize to replace our current workflow as follow:

      Create 3D Model with 3ds Max --> Render --> Manual BOM --> Sales ---> Bid --> If Win, then ---> Create 2D Detailing with AutoCAD


      There is a good things with those workflow because the final render is very good with 3ds Max, but when it comes to BOM and detail drawing then a lot of manual works. The main question is Visualize can generate the same level of output render quality compare to 3ds Max or not...? In this case for Booth Design (see sample project attached).


      cc: Brian Hillner






      Sample Project.PNG

      Sample Project 2.PNG