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    Linear Dynamics study velocity type?

    Angus Mitchell

      I am running a linear dynamics study, where I am tracking the four workflow sensitive sensors. When I 'Define Response Graph' for 'VRES velocity', what velocity is this? I it RMS? Is it the maximum (center wave velocity)? Is it mean velocity? I can't seem to see anywhere were this could be selected. A very simple question I know, and I'm sure someone will be able to answer it easily!

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          Gian Flavio Violi

          Hello Angus,


          If your units are distance/time then it is the RMS value of the velocity. How ever if your units are (distance/time)/frequency^2 then you are obtaning the value of the Power Spectral Density [which is in units of gRMS, Root Mean Square of the acceleration input signal in units of g's] function which takes the efect of the frequency of vibration that generates that velocity [e.g. 5mm/sec at 5Hz is very different from 5mm/sec at 500Hz].


          To activate de PSD option just check the "Show PSD value" option.


          If you want my opinion, depending on what you want to check with the simulation PSD plots are way more valuable than RMS plots. Particularly useful when you are doing random vibration analysis.