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    How do I add a "menu command" to an existing SW TASK?

    David Heverin

      Hello again,

      This question is associated with a previous question I had which can be found at Want to add a SEARCH COLUMN for ....? .


      I installed the "WorkflowStateAddin - 1(WLM Services LLC)" recently and found it to be very helpful but lacking in one area that is very important to me.  That is, there is not a menu selection to add a Menu Command for running the addin.


      Here is an image of the PDF Task.  Note, it DOES have a Menu Command choice available:


      1-11-2017 7-48-13 AM.bmp


      The "Workflow State Task Addin" does not offer this choice:


      1-11-2017 7-51-08 AM.bmp


      Can anyone provide some guidance on how I can add the "Menu Command" selection to the "Workflow State Task Addin".