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Problem with design tables not showing up in Edrawings 2017/SW2015

Question asked by Fred Peterson on Jan 11, 2017

I just got done loading the 2017 edrawings on some new PCs at work.  We are on solidworks 2015 and I had to load the 2017 edrawings viewer because the new PCs have 64 bit OS.

I've always had issues with "out of date" drawings - what a crappie viewing tool in the first place!


But now it's much worse.  We tabulate a lot of our drawings so there are design tables and sometimes cut/paste spreadsheets in our drawings.  Guess what - THEY DON'T SHOW UP AT ALL, JUST AN OUTLINE!!!     So now it's even a more worthless viewer than ever.  And to add confusion: the BOMs look great!  It's just design tables and other spreadsheets that don't show up.


So my question is "Is there a combination of viewer tool for 64 bit OS in combination with SW2015 that will work?"


thanks very much for any help or suggestions.


Fred Peterson