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    Is there a way to show / hide several parts on assembly

    Raul Osorio

      Hello all

      I'm looking for a easy way to show / hide several components on a large assembly. Maybe something like a layers on Autocad?

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          Steven Richmond



          One way that you could do this is to create folders in the design tree, put the components that you want to control at once in that folder then control the visibility of those parts by right clicking on the folder and toggling between show and hide.




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            Frank Ruepp

            Hi Raul,


            another way of doing this is creating selection sets:

            You can select several components, right mouse button and select "Save Selection":


            Kind regards


            SOLIDWORKS Product Definition Team

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              Bjorn Hulman

              Hi Raul, you may also want to look into display states. where you can set hide/show states.


              If you're simply trying to unclutter while you work then hiding parts is fine, the parts remain loaded in memory and will re-appear nice and quickly when you return to the default display state.


              If your assembly is system heavy, you're better off to create configurations and suppress parts/sub-assemblies. Suppressed components are unloaded from memory, removing their burden on your hardware. It may take a little longer to for the assembly to be reload once you switch to the complete configuration than it would to switch between display states.


              Also, further down the line, if you wished to make a BOM of the various states, hidden components will still show on a BOM, suppressed components will not.

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                Tom Gagnon

                Of course there's the hide command, currently an eyeball (but formerly eyeglasses) icon. Select items, click hide.

                Hide icon.JPG

                You see a folder that contains some parts. Selecting the folder instead allows you to hide all items in that folder. I use this quickly and easily, on the fly and without selection sets, to hide obstructing items in a system assembly. For example, I typically have folders or subfolders for categorical items: Electrical, Structural, Enclosure, Suction train & Discharge train items. Common ones are in my Assembly template already. Transparency controls handled similarly also allow for more dynamic view options.


                Edit: you're getting wide variety of suggestions because there are many way to accomplish what youre asking. Please be more specific contextually in your question for useful advice. Do you want to do this quickly and temporarily, or persistently and repetitive, or do you need these changes carried over into drawings, or only when you're modelling an assembly, or what or what? We're trying to be helpful, but our responses are very scattershot to such a vague question.