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CHT temp of fluid at solid surface past fluid boiling point

Question asked by Maayan Shrell-Fox on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by Maayan Shrell-Fox

I've been running an internal, conjugate heat transfer simulation on a copper cylinder. my fluid is water at 3 atm static pressure at the inlet and 1 atm (environment) at the outlet. the copper cylinder is set as a constant heat source of 100 kW. my outer wall is set to a heat transfer coefficient of ~5kW/m^2 when I create the flow trajectory for water, I get its average temp of 23 deg c, which makes sense. when I create a surface plot of the copper surface in the fluid subdomain I get that the water temp there is over 100 in a few non negligible regions. Does this mean that the water there will boil and cause complications to my tube, despite the average temp remaining 23 deg?