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Elecworks reports, Manually fill and use all books?

Question asked by Henrique Araujo on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by Henrique Araujo

Hi everyone,

I´m working with elecworks but it's very hard to find anything over the internet.

I have some questions and I was think that someone here can help me. I'm generating some reports in my project, the problem is that my project there is 6+ book and the reports just fill with one book at time. I want to create a report with all the books, because its a list of all materials that I'm using in my project, so doesn't make any sense create a report with materials that I used in one book. I also want to know how to manually add or delete an information in my report, because all reports that I created were automatically filled-out and there is some information that I don't need in the report.


I hope someone can help me