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      Hi all,
      It has come to my attention that Mastercam is not recognizing if SolidWorks 08 files have different configurations. (Opening .SLDPRT files) If you were to open a SW 07 in Mastercam, MC will ask you what configuration you would like to work with as an option. What gives? Is there something that needs to be done in SW to help MC opt to open different configurations? Or is there something we could do in MC to be able to read the different configurations?
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          John Lhuillier
          What version of Mastercam are you using. We have X3 here and it does ask what configuration to open with a 2008 file. I noticed that X2 when trying to open 2007 files would not ask what configuration to open but opened the last used one and won't even open 2008 files.
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              We here are using MC X3, SWsp5. ??? Funny how it works for you. Is there a translator in MC we should be looking to download? MC for us here is opening up the last saved in SW. MC does not give the option. Help!!! We have to open SW check for configurations, chose the one we would like, save close then open in MC. What a waste of time. What are you doing that I seem to have problems with?
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                  I found the problem. If my SW part is open the time I open MC. MC onle sees the current file open and opens it. If I close SW file then open it in MC. MC ops me to chose the config I want to use. Problem SOLVED!!! Yeah me!