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Etch onto a recolved base curved surface?

Question asked by Kirsty Cooper on Jan 10, 2017
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Hey all.


I must apologise, I'm a newbie to Solidworks still - The classes I've had on the software have been extremely basic, but I know the value of these skills so I'm taking it upon myself to practice in my own time outside of my Engineering degree, to expand my skillset!
as you can see, I'm attempting to construct the USS-Enterprise from the original series of Star Trek.


For the Saucer-hull I have this shape:
I've learnt a lot of new solidworks tricks since I began this (and the Saucer was the first section I made), so it may not be the best way to construct this section, but I still don't know the best way to go about it. Suggestions for a better method welcome! Because the saucer has a very specifically curved face, I created it using a revolved boss/base, and built the "command super structure" and the "bridge" ontop of the basic shape.
but I'm looking to engrave or scribe on the upper and lower faces -
I'm trying to create the "Shield Emitter Grid" which forms the lines/grid on the saucer hull section of the Starship Enterprise.


As shown here:

I've tried creating a flat plane above the surface, creating a sketch and using wrap. But as more experienced than I users will know, it won't allow me to wrap onto a surface of this shape.
I've tried projecting the sketch onto the surface, but I can't seem to get it to work unless I am doing it incorrectly.
I've tried doing an extrude cut from the sketch up unto the surface or the body, but it doesn't instersect the model so won't cut.


It's given me enough of a headache now! Could someone suggest a better way of doing this?
Would it be possible to even create the grid lines on an appearance, or a decal?

Thank you!
- Kirsty


P.S This is what I've done for the rest of the ship so far, for prosperity. It's 1:1 scale. The saucer is the only bit I'm really unhappy with.