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About forces and materials

Question asked by Ofek Levi on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by John Smith

Hey, Im making a curtain with blinds/shutter (Im not sure whats the exact word) that can move by gears (its more about the curtain, the window is just a frame for the design).


Anyway, for my project I need to analyze and animate it, for analyzing, how do I know what Im supposed to analyze? I want it to relate both to forces and temparture, how do I know how much force (in Newtons) am I supposed to analyze it with?


Now another question, as for the pick of materials, the whole project is surrounded by the temparture,  so I want materials for the blinds/shutter that is fitting for isolating heat or that is resistant to heat... Im not sure what would be the exact word (English isnt my native), as well as colors (dont know if colors have any effect other than design in SolidWorks, but whether they do or dont it would be good for the presentation later on).


Thanks in advance.