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In Drawing views, "Selected Body" is forgotten between configuration changes.

Question asked by Matthew Bradford on Jan 10, 2017

I have a simple weldment with 3 pieces of plate whose lengths are altered between 16 configurations. When I get to the DWG side of things, I will click "Select Body" 256 times.


To elaborate further, I create a drawing containing 4 sheets, with 4 drawing views on each. Once I've completed the drawing, I save the drawing as a new #, and change the configuration.


I now have to change configuration on each parent view on each sheet (as usual), but have to re-select bodies for every single view. If my math is right, I'm re-clicking "select body" 16 times per drawing, per configuration, coming to 256 total times to complete this simple 3-piece weldment all the way through.



So my question is, am I doing this wrong? Or is there a shortcut available?

This is a lot of work for a simple weldment compared to an assembly or piece part.