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Dual E5-2670 & Nvidia 770 2016-17 Odd lag

Question asked by Will Ferrari on Jan 10, 2017

Hello, On a nearly clean install of solid works and windows 10 Pro on my desktop (2650x1440 144hz ) im having issues with Solidworks 2016 Student edition (SP2, for some reason they haven't bothered to update us..) Everything just moves so slow compared to even my tiny laptop running an atom. Even within a simple sketch just adding dimensions is oddly slow. The GPU load and CPU load are nothing and it has plenty of free memory and is running off a SSD.


     I believe it has something to do with my 144hz monitor as chaining it to 60hz makes it a bit better, but that might just be me thinking that. Any ideas to possibly fix this or troubleshoot this would be awesome, Thanks!