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    Non movable Command manager increasing carpel tunnel syndrome

    Jason Cerny
      I sure hope SW allows a movable command manager in SW 2009...although doing a global rollout around the world is out of the questions for me until sometime in the spring...is there ANY other way to make this thing move to the sides?

      As CAD admin, I am in process of disabling all command mangers and manually anchoring all toolbars to the sides of the screens (dual widescreens) where they are more usable from a dexterity point of view, hopefully reducing future injuries.

      Thanks SW for locking it to the top of the screen...now it's costing our company money from lost time. Good job.

      Anyone else have any similar thoughts?

      I want 2007 back....no wait...how about 2004 SP5 when it used to have good performance also....