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    Bend Reference lines

    Mahendra Jadhav

      Please refer attached part.

      Here's a snapshot of Sketched Bend 1.


      Here's a snapshot of the same in flatpattern,


      I want to retrieve the two adjacent reference lines to the bend center line.

      At what distance should they be from the bend center line?

      Is there any formula for this calculation?

      Here's what I want to calculate,

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          Nilesh Patel

          Hi Mahendra,


          I don't think there is any direct method to get this information. You can try following:



          Add 'Unfold' stage from 'Sheet Metal' tab as per the screenshot above. This will give you reference edges where the bend radius starts. You can then create a sketch using 'Convert Entities' to make sketch lines from these reference edges. The bend line will be in the centre of these reference edges. Hope this helps.


          You have asked this question in 'API/Macro' section, you should move this into 'Sheet Metal' section.



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            Solid Air

            Formula for length of bend is L = R * Ang where L is the bend length, R equals the bend radius plus the thickness * K-factor, and Ang equals the bend angle in radians.  Hope this is what you are looking for?

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              Nilesh Patel

              Hi Mahendra,


              Sorry I miss understood your question, I thought you wanted to draw reference lines as you have indicated.