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Loft surface won't thicken or offset; guide curve is invalid. Help?

Question asked by Amiee Jackson on Jan 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by Christian Chu

I'm creating body work around a frame, and I've used a series of sketches around critical areas to define a loft. I would like the tip of the nosecone to be rounded but end at a defined point. I created a guide curve that runs from the midpoint of each horizontal sketch line along the bottom face of the surface and then curves up to the point. Each of these midpoints has been constrained as midpoint and coincident to the sketches. However, when I try to use the guide curve in the loft, I receive the error "guide curve no. 1 is invalid. It does not intersect with section no. 2." If I try to loft one section at a time, the error is the same, except it changes the section number that it doesn't intersect.


Additionally, I need to thicken this surface to create a solid that I can cut apart into manufacturable sections. This consistently returns "unable to thicken." If I try to offset and manually thicken, this fails as well. My original hypothesis is that the curvature of the point (issue I'm trying to address above) is unsolvable or something.


Please help, I'm really not sure what else to try!!