Tim R

"Removing older versions of this Application"?!?

Discussion created by Tim R on Nov 24, 2008
I had installed Solidworks 2009 as a clean install and kept SW2008 as a fall back. I was attempting to install SW2k9 Service Pack 1 and about three-quarters of the way thru the install this message appears "Removing older versions of this Application"?!? That's a terribly vague message, made me worry that SW2k9 SP1 was uninstalling SW2k8 and leaving me only with 2k9. After the SP1 install failed, I checked to see if 2k8 was still there - it was. Leading me to believe the message should really say something about removing "SP0.0" not "older versions of this application". DS/Solidworks and other install packages need to realize that as their customer, we like to be well informed and not confused and frustrated by deliberately vague and misleading messages during what sometimes is a pretty painful process as it is, without this @#$@@.

I was told that they weren't doing any programming of this thing in France.