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Drag & drop Toolbox components looses material designation - API to call "Modify Configurations Dialog"

Question asked by Elmar Klammer on Jan 9, 2017



I was wondering if anyone knows how to access the modify configuration dialog window via VBA. I can't find anything in the api help file.


I can traverse the feature manager tree and pre-select the Material feature, but I can't find the code to open & close the dialog window for "configure Material".

Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.






The problem I have is described below if someone want's to know about the "why".


My toolbox components loose the Material specification (it changes to "material not specified" for currently selected configuration) everytime I drag and drop them into an assembly. I know its a bug. It's been confirmed and it's most annoying. Plus it's been around for a long time and SW isn't helping. With SW 2013 I could open the component and simply select "reload component" and it would update the material specification. In SW 2016 it got worse. A simple reload won't work anymore. Now I have to additionally open & close "configure Material" dialog window before reloading the part. ("that's upgrading spelt in SW's world")







modify configuration dialog window