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    Issues view stuttering?

    Dominic Falcione

      Anyone have issues with the 2017 view stuttering (can't think of a better description) when snapped to a standard view or after dimensions are entered?

      Ex: While I am working on a model and I click to standard view, my model will animate into the view as normal, but right when it reaches the view it snaps back to where it was then snaps back to the view I clicked. It has also started doing this after entering dimensions. Although, it is more of a shrink, then snap back to the zoom it was while working.


      Really hope this is a driver issue...any one else seeing this?


      This has nothing to do with the size of the part files, or system memory...does this even with simple sketch files.


      Nvidia Quadro M2000

      Intel i7-6850K

      Dual Monitors