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    material for a multitasking kitchen tool

    Ronnie Landau


      We are material engineering students from Ben Gurion University.

      We are working on a project to create a multitasking kitchen tool and we would like to get some information from you:

      1. what type of material is best recommended for the tool so it can be low weight, corrosion resistant and generally user friendly?

      2. what type of kitchen utilities would you recommend inserting in this multitasking tool?


      We are working alongside the software "Solidworks" and we would like to get some recommendations about how to use the animation tool in order to create a tool that with a press of button pulls out a different utility.


      We appreciate your help, thank you very much!

      Anna and Ronnie.

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          Dave Bear

          Hi Ronnie,

          I guess one of the things about being students is that it requires you to do a little research, rather than just being given the answers! Nice try though!

          Corrosion resistant is a good start, I'm guessing you'll also need something that is hygienically stable too so consider that when looking at plastics or metals (hint).

          Perhaps you could just watch chef's in a kitchen or your Mother when she prepares meals and see what gets commonly used to get an idea of what might be handy to add to your 'swiss-army' style kitchen multi-tool. Sorry, where was I? My partner is baking a cake and just dropped her whisk and distracted me!

          Oh Yeah! Anyway, As I was saying, I really don't think this project is that hard for you and Anna to do. Make 'Google' your friend Grasshopper!