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Some questions about Feature Manager Design Tree

Question asked by Peter Cohen on Jan 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2017 by Peter Cohen

Hello, I have some questions about the Feature Manager Design Tree:


1. For unknown reason, when I opened my Assembly, there are two identical Feature Manager Design Tree appearing on the left of the screen. How can I remove one?


2. Is it possible to arrange the items in the tree? In my example, I have a box with two holes through the front and back of a box (made using pass all of the hole wizard command). Later, I modified the appearance of the box by adding a curvature both at the front and end sides of the box. I want the two holes to pass through these two added curvature panels. I tried to drag the item (holes made by Hole Wizard) to the bottom of the tree so that the holes pass through the newly created curved panels but it does not work.


3. Is it possible to temporarily disable drilling of the two holes before creating a STL file for 3D printing and when I want them back later, just enable the feature?