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Harness 3D mode preview is missing a segment

Question asked by Ming Chen Lin on Jan 8, 2017

Sometimes when I generate a harness using "Route Harness", the resulting harness model would be missing a segment in the 3D preview. However, when I go into "Edit Route" or create a flattened harness the missing segment shows up again. I made a quick 2-minute video to demonstrate my problem:


Solidworks Electrical Route Harness is missing a segment - YouTube


Though not shown in the video, I also experimented with the following options as an attempt to locate the problem:

  • I created a harness with just cable W3, thinking that maybe W3 is violating the rules of "Route Harness" for some reason. However, when the harness only has W3, it generates correctly with no problem
  • I also thought maybe multiple cables in a bundle was causing the bug. So I experimented with other configurations involving multiple cables in a bundle, but the bug cannot be reproduced reliably