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    Assembly over-defines by 0.1432 degrees

    Gerard Jansen

      Hello all,


      Hope you can help me with this.
      I am drawing a structure of a tower with 4 legs. From leg to leg, there are diagonal bars for structural strength.

      On each of the legs, there is two flanges in a 90 degrees angle from each other to attach the bars to.

      When I want to mate the bar to these flanges (hole-to-hole so later on I can put a bolt through it), it gives the message that the assembly is over-defined by 0.50mm when I mate the holes.
      When I mate the bar parallel to the flanges, it over-defines by 0.1432839 degrees.



      Is there a way to make Solidworks less sensitive?


      Thanks for your time to help me, I really appreciate it.

      Kind regards, Gerard