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Importing of other Cad Data from Eagle and Altium

Question asked by Robert Sterling on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by Robert Sterling

It is quite common to find reference designs on the Web provided by industry such as Atmel, Ti ,ST, Circuitmaker, Ardrino, Octopart etc.

It would be great if they conformed and provided cad packs in every software version but they normally only provide reference data in the format the design team used to make their demo board.

So we have to convert it so we can use these files things do go wrong so i have some questions:


1: Is it necessary to have access to the original library parts

2: How accurately are the schematics matched to the PCB.

3: Do we need to download demo/free version of the other cad packages to verify the content of the converted files.

4: Are there any easy ways to do this: