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Revisions on title block on multi sheet drawings

Question asked by Mike Childers on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by Brian Pettett

Trying to create sheet format for multi sheet drawings.  We use independent Revs on each individual sheet.  They are not all the same as sheet one.  I want to auto poplulate (link to property) the REV block on all the title blocks, so when I add a Rev on a sheet, it will automatically update it in the two places on the title block.  The problem is this field is called Revision-Sheet2 on sheet 2, Revision-Sheet3 on sheet 3, etc.  So I can't just link to property on my sheet format, unless I want to make a different sheet format for every sheet number.  I'm trying to avoid just making the Rev block value just a dumb text that someone must manually update (and probably forget), but I can't think of anyway to do it and still only have a sheet format for page one, and a sheet format for all additional pages.  Any ideas?