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    Revisions on title block on multi sheet drawings

    Mike Childers

      Trying to create sheet format for multi sheet drawings.  We use independent Revs on each individual sheet.  They are not all the same as sheet one.  I want to auto poplulate (link to property) the REV block on all the title blocks, so when I add a Rev on a sheet, it will automatically update it in the two places on the title block.  The problem is this field is called Revision-Sheet2 on sheet 2, Revision-Sheet3 on sheet 3, etc.  So I can't just link to property on my sheet format, unless I want to make a different sheet format for every sheet number.  I'm trying to avoid just making the Rev block value just a dumb text that someone must manually update (and probably forget), but I can't think of anyway to do it and still only have a sheet format for page one, and a sheet format for all additional pages.  Any ideas?


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          JOHN GEORGE


          If it is a multi-sheet drawing, I think the possible method is to add a property within the part/assembly

          Link this property inside the drawing

          But this will not work properly, if you make drawings for 2 parts in single sheet.

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            Deepak Gupta

            Where are you pulling the value for the REV?


            If in the drawing itself, then you can do this. This way sheet 2 and 3 would be linked to same rev value.


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              John Stoltzfus

              Mike Childers  I have used multiple drawing sheets for years and I control the revisions at the assembly & part level using Custom Property Tab Builder, if you have 2017 I can upload the templates and Custom Property Builder files..  That way everything is recorded at the source, not a second hand document. 

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                Christian Chu

                I'm just wondering why you want to do this? this is a dwg for assembly or diff. parts or one part wit diff. config ?

                With all kinds of work around, this can be done but to me it's hard to control

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                    Mike Childers

                    They are required to rev all changes to the drawings as well as part,  So the revs to the drawings have to be independent.  Say a change gets made to a part only on the bottom of a part, and the view of the bottom of the part is on sheet three say, so the rev on sheet one (REV) would get changed to say bottom of part changed on sheet three.  Sheet two would not get reved, and the rev on sheet three would also get changed.  Or say, someone wanted to change a note on sheet four, then in that case, sheet 1 and sheet four would get their rev increased only.  So you see how the rev's of each sheet would not necessarily be the same, so I can't just link the rev block to REV, because it might be different on each page, so each page has it's own Rev field, so I can't link the Rev note to a field unless I know what page it is.  The only way I know to do that is to save a sheet format for each page, and that's not practical.  It's a pain, and I can't figure out a way to automate it.  When I add a rev on sheet 3 say, the rev table will go from A to B, and the custom property Revision-3 will change to B.  If I used a custom sheet format for each page, I could link the Rev note in the title block on sheet three to Revision-3, but that would require having a sheet format for how ever many pages I need in a multi-page drawing.  I need someway to link the Rev note on a sheet to "Revision-X" where X is the current sheet number.  Does that make sense?  It's a pain, but that's the way they want things documented.  They want every change documented on the drawing itself.  And that's why SW has the options of the Rev tables being independent instead of just linked to sheet one changes.  I hope that makes more sense.  Any ideas?. 


                    If I was doing a Rev table in autocad, I could make the Rev number an attribute in a block, and then insert fields that pointed to that attribute as many times as I wanted, even 100 places if desired and when the attribute was changed it would automatically change those other 100 places.  But I can't figure out how to do this in SW drawings using custom properties only.

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                    David Lowry

                    Hi Mike, your post is a year or so old now, I hope someone sees this as I have a partial solution and need help also.


                    I have found that if you set your drawing sheets to be independent with respect to revisions, (Options-Document Properties-Tables-Revision) Solidworks default templates do exactly what you want. When you add your first rev symbol, the custom property 'Revision' will get added with default value of '?', and the custom property Revision-Sheet1 will get added with the initial value of A or 1. The property link $PRP:"Revision" will change to $PRP:"Revision-Sheet1" and will be linked to the latest rev added. If you lower the rev it does not lower the property value though, but incrementing does work fine. This will also work on subsequent sheets. As soon as you add a rev symbol to sheet two, it's own $PRP:"Revision" property gets changed to $PRP:"Revision-Sheet2, a custom property gets added called Revision-Sheet2 and gets incremented when you add the next revision symbol.


                    So this is great. Works like a charm. Each sheet has its own revision, and updates by simply adding the next rev symbol.


                    The one thing that is not good, is that if you have two sheets say, and sheet 1 is at rev 1, sheet 2 will be showing a '?' for the rev. This is because that sheet has not been rev'd so the change from $PRP:"Revision" to $PRP:"Revision-Sheet2" has not happened yet, and the default custom property value is '?'. This is not really acceptable to release a drawing with revision '?'. It may raise some questions!


                    If anyone else has figured this our entirely please let me know! I am on SW2016 currently.