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retrieve class and type of dimension tolerance for design table entry

Question asked by Jana Stahn on Jan 6, 2017

The SWX help regarding tolerances in design tables (2015 SOLIDWORKS Help - Tolerances in Configurations ) explains the format for the design table entries:



I want to make an API call with such an entry (via IConfigurationManager.SetConfigurationParams).

In that API call I want to keep all values as they are, except "min_variation".

That means, before I can make the API call, I need to collect all values (except min_variation).


"hole_fit", "shaft_fit" and "max_variation" can be retrieved via the getters of IDimensionTolerance.

The first entry (NONE/BASIC/MAX/BILATERAL...) can be found by checking IDimensionTolerance.Type and doing some case work.


But how do I get the other two - "class" and "type"?


The "class" and "type" can be seen in the user interface at least:


(I believe if one of the marked icons is activated, it corresponds to type=HOLEFIT or SHAFTFIT, respectively. But what type is it if both are activated or oth are deactivated?)


But how do I get them with the API?