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    retrieve class and type of dimension tolerance for design table entry

    Jana Stahn

      The SWX help regarding tolerances in design tables (2015 SOLIDWORKS Help - Tolerances in Configurations ) explains the format for the design table entries:



      I want to make an API call with such an entry (via IConfigurationManager.SetConfigurationParams).

      In that API call I want to keep all values as they are, except "min_variation".

      That means, before I can make the API call, I need to collect all values (except min_variation).


      "hole_fit", "shaft_fit" and "max_variation" can be retrieved via the getters of IDimensionTolerance.

      The first entry (NONE/BASIC/MAX/BILATERAL...) can be found by checking IDimensionTolerance.Type and doing some case work.


      But how do I get the other two - "class" and "type"?


      The "class" and "type" can be seen in the user interface at least:


      (I believe if one of the marked icons is activated, it corresponds to type=HOLEFIT or SHAFTFIT, respectively. But what type is it if both are activated or oth are deactivated?)


      But how do I get them with the API?