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    Solidworks PDM Create BOM

    Joe Pickens

      Is it possible in Solidworks PDM Professional to add a custom BOM to a part or a document file. What I am trying to accomplish is to add the manufacturing BOM into the PDM BOM ie i want to be able to structure raw materials under a part file. Also is it possible to add to Assembly BOMs in PDM.

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          Andreas Rhomberg

          PDM has the ability to pull a BOM from an Assembly, go to BOM tab as shown and save as.

          not sure about Part level BOM



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              Joe Pickens

              Since I haven't really played with Named BOMs yet. From what I understand is that the are like snapshots of the bill at that point in time so if i was to do this to add a fastener and later someone revised the model to swap out a part will the BOM reflect this update or will i have to redo the Named BOM thin again to add the fasteners?

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              Jeff Sweeney

              How about attaching a named BOM to the document?

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                Tim Webb

                I'm with Jeff. Take a look at Named BOMs.

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                  Craig Merrifield

                  Hey Joe,


                  Named BOMs are a good way to create editable BOMs based on a Computed BOM (or Item Structure BOM), but they don't address the issue of adding raw material to a part as a "BOM" item beneath a part file. Take a look at "Paste as Reference" (PAR) in the help file. It allows you to add references between any two files in the vault. You can create a reference from a .doc file to a .sldprt file or from a .pdf file to an .sldasm file and so on. These relationships are maintained in PDM and roll up into any computed BOMs above the PAR. Beware however that PAR are file-to-file relationships and are not configuration specific. (You can't create a PAR to a specific configuration of a part or assembly).


                  The Named BOM is created as a derivative of a Computed BOM. Information can be edited in individual cells of the Named BOM and saved. Multiple Named BOMs can be saved and maintained for different purposes (different manufacturing locations...etc). I've found this particularly helpful for editing quantity which cannot be less then one or fractional in a Computed BOM.


                  The next level of functionality above this which DOES respect configuration specific links to non-cad files is called "Items". Look into the "Item Explorer" and "Items" in the help file. It takes a bit of reading to truly understand Items, but it is a powerful tool. Think of an Item as an envelope or empty box. You can create a hierarchy structure (ie BOM) using Items. Each Item can be empty (no files attached) or can have one or more files attached to the Item. Items can have datacards and which are populated manually or populated automatically via the attached file.


                  Have fun!