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Reload Add In without restarting SolidWorks for example by a macro?

Question asked by Checkcheck Master on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2019 by Jacob Corder

Hi there,


Writing an VB.NET Add-In with Visual Studio it takes much time time to test the application due the fact that SolidWorks need to start  and you have to open a file.

Is there a method to avoid this?

Anyhow I was wondering if it is possible to reload the Add-In in the background for example with another macro while SolidWorks is running, is that possible?

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance.


I'm not a professional programmer so what I did now and before to overcome this 'waste of time' is developing one or more modules in a 'Windows Forms Application' environment who is creating an executable(*.exe) to run. Testing is much faster but some code runs more slowly compared to the speed in an Add-In. Off course you need to import the modules in the Add-In application when you satisfied.