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Excel Hyperlink Issues

Question asked by Mathew Challinor on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by Mathew Challinor

Hi all,


Not sure if this is the correct section but due to me using a macro todo it ill ask it here. I have a macro that does various things. One stage is that it creates a hyperlink of a solidworks drawing in a excel spread sheet which works fine. However when I click on the hyperlink within the excel sheet it opens the drawing but without the part, its like it has no reference to the assembly model. However if I already have the assembly model open and then click the hyperlink in the excel file it works fine. Is there any reason this is happening? I have took the macro out of the equation and just opened a blank excel document and manually created a hyperlink and get the same result.


I'm unsure if it has something to-do with the original model which is an imported body. If I create a quick model from scratch and then drawing it seems to work ok. I just cant seem to figure out what's going wrong.


Any help would be much appreciated