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How to create a function that will not print, or appear, on drawing

Question asked by Alexandre Bonneau on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by John Stoltzfus

I'm fairly new to Solidworks, so maybe I'm searching for something very easy, or something that is impossible... Also, my english is not perfect so I'll do my best

I've work with Autocad for 13 years, and I know I have some "bad" habits from that way of drawing...

Anyway, here's the situation:


I have the task of implementing Soldworks in our company and they also bought Swood with it since we are a Cabinetmaking millwork.

I need to create a template panel and without explanning the whole reason, I need to have an arrow that will scale with the size of that panel, to identify the sens of the wood grain and the orientation of that panel. It is for the draftperson use only, so I don't want that arrow to appear on the final drawings.


For now, I have created an arrow and with the Combine function, I have substract that arrow. I'm used to equations and formula and the arrow is scaled automatically with the size of the panel, so, no problems here.


But, is there a way I could use a Configuration in wich the arrow functions ARE NOT suppressed, and an other in wich they ARE suppressed, and define that in a drawing, the configuration with no arrow is automatically selected?


Sorry if my description is not clear enough

Basically I need a way to show the sens of the grain on the computer but that will not print on paper


Thanks a lot!