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    mmb not rotating part

    Ben Zuckerman

      I've tried rotating my part model with the mmb (middle mouse button) and it won't work. At best, it zooms in and out. I'm working with a Microsoft mouse, identical to my colleagues mouse, which seems to work (rotate) on his workstation. The mouse settings are identical as well. Is there a checkbox within Solidworks that is deactivated somehow? I've even tried plugging in another mouse, but get the same result.

      I can still rotate with the arrow keys, but it is definitely not as convenient. Any help would be appreciated.

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          David Nelson

          Roll is in and out.  Hold down is rotate. On mine.

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            Paul Risley

            What David said, also if your mouse is old it won't function properly on the rotate option when pressing down. Seriously why I am considering a 3d mouse.

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              Kelef Man

              hei'ya Ben,


              is this a fresh install-

              has the button/mouse worked correctly before

              did you import the settings


              have you tried >





              close SolidWorks
              windows button/program menu
              type- regedit and select "Regedit.exe" with rmb
              run as admin
              In the Registry Editor,
              >SolidWorks 2017 (your version installed eg: 2014, 2015 etc)
              right click your version eg: SolidWorks 2016
              and rename "SolidWorks 2016 old" or "SolidWorks 2016 buggy"
              launch SW and you will be like a new user
              just for good measure refresh(F5) the regedit window
              to see your new folder Solidworks ####(ver)
              you can reclaim the old settings-
              delete the latest folder-
              and rename the "old" folder as your version


              my best guess if it was working before

              hope this helps- have a good'n kelef

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                David Plowman

                Hi Ben,


                I was having a similar problem, and I've solved it for me but not sure if it will work for you as you seem to be having a more severe problem.


                My middle button was partially working to rotate my models. I could fully rotate left to right and right to left but top to bottom and bottom to top I could only go through 180º.


                Like you I could use the arrow keys to rotate without issue.


                If you right click anywhere in the main window is the "rotate about scene floor" box checked? If so, deselect it.


                Hope this helps...



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                  Grant Kirkland

                  Make sure your MMB function is set to the same as the function set in the Solidworks keybindings settings. On two occasions I've had my Logitech MMB function mysteriously change in the Setpoint settings t something like "Back" instead of "Click 3" or similar and it caused my rotate to not function in SW.