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export BOM to an XML file

Question asked by Rafael Veiga on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by Jeff Sweeney

Hello everyone,

I am trying to export a BOM to an XML file creating an export rule with PDM 2016. I've added that action to a transition and there is not error when I execute it but the file is not created.


I think the problem is related to the folder path, because of this bit of information I found;


The path must be a folder that is accessible from the computer where the Enterprise PDM database service is running.

If you specify a UNC-path, the database service that handles the export normally runs under the system user account which, by default, does not have access to the network. To have access to the network, run the service as a specified user or use administrative UNC paths. These paths include c$ for the C: of a computer, etc.


I have tried using a UNC path like \\<computer\<folder>$ .... and many other options ... but nothing happens ...


Could anyone help me?


Thank you.