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surface knit stability

Question asked by 1-GDXXBU on Nov 21, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2008 by Kevin Quigley
So, I have had many issues trying to knit surfaces that should knit perfectly.

Example 1:

Copy faces of a solid (created in SW 2009)
hide copies
delete originals
attempt to knit, failure to knit faces, with any option set.

(and when this happens, replace face crashes SW)

Example 2:

Knit feature yields a solid, but if I go back in the tree and change something elsewhere in the model, the knit fails.

Example 3:

Imported geometry, forget it.

Example 4:

Knit feature yields a solid, do a verified rebuild and knit fails to rebuild.

I know what you are thinking....Perhaps I have invalid geometry? Well to me, if it worked once, twice, three times...It should work again! Ya....Do an entity check! Well, SW crashes when I use check entity...

In examples 1, 2, and 4, all faces will knit to adjacent faces, but will not knit surface body to surface body. The only solution I have found is to manually select each face, which can literally take hours, and it might not even work.

I spend about 2 hours per day dealing with this issue.
I am seriously pissed. My VAR is so far incapable of helping me solve this issue.
Yet another reason to switch to think3!