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4k Hisense 42" Monitor with 2 LG 23" monitors Display problem

Question asked by Eric Kelly on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by Eric Kelly

I am running a 42" main monitor with 2 23" monitors, one on each side.  I draft every day and this started today.  None the less, I was crazy upset when this started happening and could find no other link online to the problem.  Does anyone have any thoughts or has anyone seen this problem in the past?  The dropdown menus all do this on my 23" monitors now and same with the empty right click menus.  If I unplug the 4k monitor, it goes away.  Could it be the Nvidia control panel, or ?  I also noticed that on the secondary monitors, sometimes the mouse pointer becomes a bunch of vertical bars.  If I right click on the desktop and refresh, the pointer issue goes away.  Could they be related.  I have an nvidia - solidworks approved card, BTW.

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