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    SolidWorks Document Manager API Get Solid Body Names

    Dan Peacock

      Hi All,


      Background: I'm using the SolidWorks Document Manager API to extract Parasolid parts from SolidWorks files.


      I can successfully extract the Solid Bodies as Parasolid Transmit and Partition files (using GetImportedBody and GetPartitionStream on the ISwDMConfiguration3 object respectively), but for most files I don't get the friendly names that appear inside SolidWorks in the Project Tree (in a group called Solid Bodies).


      Does anyone know if there is a way to get this from the SLDPRT file?


      The occasional Parasolid Part seems to have a name attribute set (SDL/TYSA_NAME) but most do not.


      Thanks for any advice,




      Renamed title "Software" -> "SolidWorks"