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Colliding File States in Workflows by Users

Question asked by Greg Thomson on Jan 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by Greg Thomson

We have a division using SolidWorks in a highly configuration-based manner.


To simplify the discussion, they can have 10 products referencing different configurations within the same 10 CAD files.  When these 10 people go to revise each of their products, one or more of these 10 files enter into the engineering workflow .... ENG Design, ENG Review, etc.


Unfortunately, the states collide and the first engineer to move his revisions into review (ENG Review) has a high probability of sweeping in anyone's WIP in the ENG Design state.


Any novel ideas on how to marry EPDM's file based solution with SolidWork's configuration based solution?  (That was a dig for those who missed it)


Thanks in advance for any comments.