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2009 SP.0 Will not run after install

Question asked by Jeff Mitchell on Nov 21, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2008 by Jeff Mitchell
Vista 64 Ultimate
Asus P5Q pro
4g Corsair 1066
Firegl v3600
Samsung SATA HDD

No Virus protection installed yet
Windows firewall is on.
Windows defender is on.

The machine is working perfectly otherwise.

First installation gave me an error code refering to msxml but installed. Everything looked ok but when I clicked the icon I got 1 second of blue swirley and then nothing. I uninstalled/reinstalled. It gave me an internal exception error during install. Uninstalled, downloaded the latest msxml6_x64 and reinstalled. Install appeared to go smoothly but still no execution. I have tried to call Solidworks and my VAR all day but no response. Help!!! I have serious deadlines.