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    surfaces problems in part after shell

    Joel Rapoport

      hello all,


      im having a lot of problems with a part i have designed.

      its a model that has a lot of curved surfaces but seemed fine construction wise.

      after the shell feature, i have noticed that there are a few problems with some surfaces.

      so i started to "fix" the problematic areas, tried replacing the surfaces.

      but whatever i do i cant seem to solve the problem. there are more and more areas with problems and this is not a good way to continue working on the mechanical phase of the project.

      i might add that i have done a check operation on the solid and it doesn't find any problems.


      here is a sample of the problems i am facing here:



      what i am asking here is how can i solve this problem?

      how can i identify which faces or surfaces are making all the problems?

      is the a "go around" fix to this problem that will let me continue working properly?


      any help will be great because im working on this for two days now with no finish in sight...


      by the way, im working on SW2016 SP5.



      thanks a lot,


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          John Stoltzfus

          Without having the part it is difficult to say "What" is wrong or what you need to modify.  I would take a close look at the outside areas of your part, the shell feature is just offsetting the outer surface, so you may want to add additional fillets to the outside area, etc...

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              Joel Rapoport

              thanks john for your reply,


              i worked about 8 hours and was finally able to fix all the problem surfaces.

              as you said, i went "before" the shell feature and fixed all the outer surfaces that had problems.

              i tried to offset all external surfaces and the ones i couldn't i knew i had a problem with.


              i was wondering- is there a way to see problems with your surfaces while you are creating them?

              i mean, to see how much will i be able to offset the surface.

              i looked into curvature combs, but it only gives you a graphic representation- not a numeric value...is there anything else?

              the geometry analysis didnt show any problems, nor did the check entity feature.


              i have to say that i am pretty amazed that in SW 2016 there still are problems with "bad" surfaces.

              SW lets you shell a model, but gives you "bad" surfaces. it should instead not let you do the shell feature, or at least let you know that there are bad surfaces IMO.


              anyway, if anyone has any thoughts on the matter or any help for future time it will be great.



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              Christian Chu

              As John mentioned, it's hard to say without viewing the part

              however, I've seen many times before, the problem is very much related to shell (wall thickness vs the corners)

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                  Joel Rapoport

                  This model is a project in progress and i cant send it becaus of that.


                  my initial solution was to try and fix the bad surfaces that were made after the shell feature. But after 4 hours of work and still having bad surfaces i went on to a second solution.

                  i looked at the all the outer surfaces, before the shell feature, and figured out which of those will be a problem later on.

                  after a few hours working on that i was able to fix all issues.