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Bug in SW when using external sketch for pattern?

Question asked by Mikael Martinsson on Jan 4, 2017
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I'm using SW2017SP1 and have a problem when using an external sketch for a pattern.


- Working in an assembly

- I have a reference part with a simple sketch containing only sketch points.

- I add a simple cylindrical part (se picture) and mate its origin to one of the sketch points

- If I now do an assembly pattern of the cylindrical part, using the sketch points from the reference part, it works fine:



- If i instead wants to edit the cylinder part and do a body pattern inside this part, it also works

- However, the rebuild icon now appears on the part and it never goes away, as if I had circular reference.

- The only relation between Reference part and cylinder is a mate between origin and one of the sketch points.

- If i remove this mate and instead fixes the cylinder part, to avoid the possibility of a circular reference, it is still the same:



Is this a bug in SW2017SP1  or am I missing something obvious here?