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    workflow observation?

    Jason Ebersole
      It looks like once files pass through a workflow or even a "state" within a workflow, you cannot delete the workflow or the state... even if you transition the files to a different workflow. This could get messy as one makes changes over time to their workflow processes. Is there a way to clean up unused workflow states and workflows?

      (I am still evaluating PDMWE.)
      I put files in vault using default vault settings.
      Files associated themselves with the Default Workflow.
      I created another workflow (called Temp) to do some testing.
      I linked the Default workflow to the Temp workflow and transitioned the files to Temp.
      I worked with the files in the new workflow, then decided to work with the default workflow again.
      I linked the Temp workflow to the Default workflow and transitioned the files.
      I can't delete the Temp workflow.

      I suppose there may be a way to hack the db to get rid of the Temp workflow, but I would rather not have to do that to keep my workflows tidy and organized.

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          Joy Garon
          Hi Jason -

          That is correct. Once a document has been associated to a state, the state cannot be deleted. It is okay to 'isolate' the state if it is unused. By 'isolate' I mean remove all transitions in and out of the state (remove the outbound state after you have moved any documents to a new state) and simply move the state to the far right or bottom of the workflow page. Another option is to rename the state if that is all you really wanted to do.

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            It would be messier if one could delete the workflows or states. What would happen to the history of a file related to the workflow state? It's not ideal, but the limitation is there for a reason.
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                Jeremy Feist
                since you were still evaluating the software, the vault you were working in would be called your "test" vault. once you set up workflow(s) that work for you system, you export them, along with all necassary data cards and such, to a fesh new vault db. this is usually called the "production" vault, and will not have any ties to the old unused workflows or states.

                hope this clears this up for you.