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Set FeatureManager Width on File Open/New

Discussion created by Deepak Gupta on Jan 3, 2017
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When I work with files from various people, I often run into an issue of having different featuremanager width. This sometime make me feel irritated. So I've to set the width to make me feel comfortable.


Similar issues are being faced by other people also and even Bob Van Dick also mentioned about it here


So I was working on an application that can made to keep running in the background and automatically adjust the width to desired value when a document is opened or a new document is made. 



If anyone is interested, he/she can download the program from this link: : Set FeatureManager Width


It is a simple exe file which you can run after SOLIDWORKS has opened up. And then it can be left to keep running in the background. The program would set the width of featuremanager on file open or when a new file is started. The desired value can be entered into the text box.


When an existing document is opened up, it would set the width and save the file.