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Solve Free-Body Diagram Using Reactions

Question asked by Martin Taylor on Dec 31, 2016
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First time posting, hope you find my project interesting


I'm designing a custom playground for a local park and need to calculate the tensions in some support cables.


The internal structure consists of a rigid half-torus held in position by chains and cables in tension:



The half-torus will be covered in netting, allowing children to climb on it. Depending on the location of the children, the center of gravity of the basket system will move, causing the tensions in the cables to change:


I have been struggling to solve the free-body-diagram system of equations in Matlab.


I saw this video where springs were used to model tension cables. Would it be possible to set the basket to "rigid-body mode," add the springs, and view the reaction fores in Solidworks simulation?


I can't even find the option for "rigid-body" in SW15. How to I begin setting up this problem?