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    Drawing circle and centering it by the object

    Tero Lahteenmaki



      I'm a beginner with the Solidworks, asking for advice.


      In the picture, I need to draw a circle inside in the middle of the object,

      198mm from the bottom.


      Ok, I have done this now as follows;

      Drew a box inside this object and crossed lines inside the box.

      I'm not happy with that so I need to get it done more properly as I know there is a way. I just dont know how.


      The circle should be with diameter of 9mm and it should be static even if the height of the object changes.

      As is it should stay centered dependless of the object moves/changes.




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          Bill Toft

          My first bit of advice is to make sure your sketches are always fully defined, That means all sketch lines are black (blue lines can be moved). The best way to do that is to have one of your sketch lines (midpoint or end point) coincident with the origin.

          As to locating your circle, start by drawing a vertical construction line (from the bottom) and dimension it 198mm. Then draw your 9mm circle centered on the end of the line. Now you need to locate it horizontally. You want it centered, so draw another construction line that connects the 2 outside lines and is also perpendicular to the two. Now mate the end of the vertical construction line to the mid-point of the second construction line.

          That should do it.

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            Solid Air

            Hopefully Bill's post answers your question, if not then please post picture of where you want circle to be because I am not understanding what you want to do.

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              Paul Risley

              I think I got the general idea of what you are asking and what the final result would be.Capture.JPG

              As mentioned above a fully defined sketch is a "MUST" when designing parts. The colors are user specified in my case I use red as undefined and blue as defined. Create a construction line that is coincident with the 2 vertical angles. Make this line perpendicular to one of those lines. Create a construction line from the center of that construction line to the center point of the base of your part. Add your 198mm and 9mm dims and now you have full control over what is static and what is variable. I would make a suggestion though that you extrude the profile base on it's own. Then use the construction geometry I am showing to put the hole in your part with hole wizard.

              A bad practice habit to get into is using circles as extruded cuts when you have a tool as versatile as hole wizard at your disposal.


              Good luck.

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                Tero Lahteenmaki

                Thank you for your help. Sorry about the delay getting back to this. Its been a real hurry
                I drew a center line in the middle and fixed it with the Parallel option with the side line so it got centered.

                After that I got the circle centered.

                Great! Thanks.

                And yes, I have noticed the Hole wizard feature thanks.

                Mainly learning by doing here