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    drawing configurations

    Paul Ronning

      I have components that I assemble into an assembly. One of the components, the body, has 2 configurations. I then make another assembly using 2 of the previous assemblies and a few other components. I can change the configurations of the 2 bodies with no problem. I then make a drawing of the second assembly. I want to have 2 drawings, 1 of each configuration but I cannot change the configurations. When I click on the drawing view and click on the properties, all I get for configurations is Default. Is there a way that I can get different drawings with the different configurations. I cannot post the models. Using SW 2009.

      Than you

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          Deepak Gupta

          You should be able to use one of the drop down to select the configuration. Upper is from view properties. And lower is from left side property manager.


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              Paul Ronning


              Thank you for your response. I have attached a simple model of my problem. The problem I have is  No problem with the part (Body). No problem with assembly2. But I loose the configurations in assembly 3. So I cannot use them in my drawing. Please refer to attached files.


              Thank you

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                  Solid Air

                  Your assem3 only has one configuration in it.  The same applies for assem2.  You need to create a new configuration in assem2 and change the body config to "with groove".  You then need to create a new configuration in assem3 and set assem2 to the new config you created in assem2.  Now in your drawing you will be able to change the drawing view to your new config in assem3 so it sees the body with the groove in it.  Hope that makes sense?


                  Make sure when you change the body config in your new config in assem2 that you select This Configuration.  The same goes when you change the assem2 config in assem3!