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Want to create a custom property for total inches of weld per component and be able to add then together and display total weld inches in an assembly/print

Question asked by Jason Collins on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by Jason Collins

We want to eliminate putting weld symbols on assembly prints.  We make the same type of assemblies over and over that do not vary too much and generally use the same standard components each time.  We want to eliminate human error on the print when we copy assemblies/prints to make a new one.  We need the total inches of weld for Costing purposes and we are creating standard weld prints for the components that are always used (ie, "this part always gets welded like this")




We want to add the total inches of weld to a "custom property" for each standard component and have the total inches calculated and show up on the assembly print.  We have this for Mass and for Surface Area, but now we want to do this for Weld.


Many of the standard components are Configured parts - how do we handle the equation in the assembly?