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Saving an assembly as a part problems........

Question asked by Dave Bear on Dec 28, 2016
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Hi all,

I was just wondering if I would encounter any problems if I saved an assembly as a part. The assembly in question would be a bearing and therefore technically it has moving parts. I have no real need to save it as a part but am curious nonetheless because some good advice was given to me the other day about large assemblies and how I should be thinking about creating them. I was told think along the lines of how companies sell their products etc so for example, a carburettor as a complete kit (assembly) gaskets, jets, screws, springs, butterfly, floats, body & filters and so forth. With this method in mind, a bearing is essentially a part as you would buy a new bearing when needed and not just the worn centre ring or outer ring or balls etc.


Yes, it's a trivial question perhaps, but one that I thought was worth asking. So..........


If a bearing was saved as a part, would this have any ramifications to it's features or movements within SolidWorks?